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Insurance for car washes 
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Car washes service hundreds of vehicles a day. That is a lot of cars that are worth a lot of money. Because of the

equipment that is used to operate a car wash, a simple malfunction of a machine could result in terrible damage to a car that was being serviced at a car wash. 

Other dangers are present at a car wash as well. For instance, property damage could occur as it can with any business who uses a building. There could also be dishonest employees taking money out of the cash register. Regardless of the threat, the one thing that’s certain is that having good insurance is an important part of operating a car wash.

Insurance is all about risk management. So, what are a few of the risks facing car washes that cause them to need insurance? 

Why a Car Wash Needs Insurance:

Property Damage 

Property damage could occur at any business. Whether outdoor property like fences and posts or the main building itself, there is always the risk of something happening that damages the property of a car wash. This insurance protects the company from heavy losses due to repair costs. 

Equipment Coverage 

In order to make provide their services, a car wash relies heavily on its equipment and machinery in order to service cars. If something were to happen that damages this equipment, it would put the business in jeopardy as they would be unable to operate and wash cars effectively. Equipment coverage helps a car wash with repair costs due to damaged equipment. 

General Liability 

Because a car wash deals directly with a customer’s property, there are many things that could happen to either a customer or their car that is being washed. A customer could slip on the wet pavement near the wash, resulting in a lawsuit against the business for not having safe walkways. There could also be damage to a car as it’s being washed! General liability helps cover the car wash’s business against claims by customers such as these. 

A car wash needs insurance just like the cars themselves do to protect their business. Those who own a car wash need not worry about claims such as these if they have quality insurance! 

Call Baldwin Insurance Agency

We can customize a Car Wash owner’s insurance policy that’s written specifically for your business. We are just a telephone call away in the event that you have an inquiry or any need. Here are some of the quality coverage options offered by Baldwin Insurance Agency: 

  • General Liability
  • Umbrella or excess liability
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Inland marine
  • Data Breach Insurance Coverage and much more

The price of your business insurance would depend on the amount of business you generate annually. Baldwin Insurance Agency would like to and wants to help answer any business insurance questions you have. Don’t waste your time looking for other options, call or email us now. We have a proven reputation for excellent customer service and reliable insurance carriers. 

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